7 Simple Ways to get a Barrel load of Email Subscribers

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Subscribers - we all want to have more subscribers coming in through the door (well not literally through our door)... but onto our email lists!

It's really important to have a constant flow of fresh leads being added to our mailing lists.

Building our mailing lists isn't a one time thing, where you launch a product or put one opt in up & get a load of email addresses & that's it. No - you need to be constantly replenishing your list & adding to it if you want to have a sustainable online business!

This can make a lot of people come unstuck, because they are trying to find new ways to add "real" & responsive people to their lists.

A lot of people think it's all about the size of their list, well hey - this is one place size really doesn't matter lol!

You can have a list of 10,000 subscribers or a list of 250, it really isn't an issue.

What matters is how responsive they are, how interactive they are & whether they are willing to buy from you at some point!

Yes, there it is. I said it - the "buying" word.

This makes so many people cringe, the thought of having to try & sell something to their mailing list or, on the other end of the scale, people cringe at the thought of having to buy anything.

The way I see it is, if you put someone in your shoes, who you were trying to sell something to & asked them how they would feel if they were trying to build an online business, yet nobody would buy anything from them, I can guarantee they would change their way of thinking towards purchasing products from marketers online.

You only have to make it about them & how it would affect them, if the role was reversed, to make them see differently!

At the end of the day, we are all trying to build a business & in order for it to be a business, money has to become involved at some point.

Now I'm in no way saying spam the heck out of your list & promote crappy things to them... no way!

I'm just saying that you will need to sell products & services or whatever it is you are selling, in order to make money online.

Now I love building my online business...

It is a huge passion of mine & has been for a long time, but along with that love, comes a need to make money too.

You may have heard the saying "freebie seekers" & if you've been in the Internet Marketing space for any amount of time, you will definitely have heard of it.

These are people who are only ever after something for FREE!

They sign up for free gift after free gift & never have any intention of buying from you.

Yes, we all like a freebie.

I love a freebie, but I'm also always willing to put my hand in my pocket & pay for something which I know can help me & give me a lot of value... this is the difference between a so called "freebie seeker" & someone who is actually willing to invest in themselves, to get the results they want.

With that said though, a free offer is a great way to get people to sign up & join your mailing list & you can turn them from subscriber into a customer, as long as you treat them well & offer a huge amount of relevant & valuable information. 

I love. love the saying below: 

"Love Your List & Your List Will Love You..."

It's so true as well. As long as you're always giving value, looking after them and are helping to solve their problems, you should never have any trouble selling to them.

When I first started out online, I didn't have a clue about building a mailing list & I wasted so much time doing all the wrong things that weren't important or detrimental to me or my business.

This is why I want to tell you how IMPORTANT it is within this post.

I want to drill down to you exactly why you need to be building a mailing list from the moment you decide that building an online business is what you want to do.

So getting back to the fact people come unstuck, as they don't know how to start building an email list, I want to share with you 7 Ways You Can Add A Barrel Load More Subscribers To Your Email List: 

7 Simple Ways to get a Barrel load of Email Subscribers...Check out this week’s post!

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1) A Free eBook or Video Course really works still...

Offering a free gift such as an eBook or a 3 step video course, really does work.

As I said earlier, people love a freebie & it's a great way to give people an incentive to sign up.

7 simple ways to build your mailing list

It's also a great way to share a lot of value from the off, which will make people want to stick around to see more from you...

You really can offer pretty much anything as a free gift, just don't make it too long if it's a report or too many videos, if it's a course.

More isn't always best, especially on a freebie.

People will just lose interest & you don't want that as soon as someone signs up.

Short & sweet, actionable & jam packed full of value is always best!

2) Offer A Newsletter...

Consistency is key.

When you blog, you need to blog every day/week/two weeks etc.

Whatever expectations you have set for your readers from the start, you need to constantly continue being consistent (wow, that was a mouthful).

This would be the same for a newsletter.

You could offer a free newsletter, or even a paid subscription to one & deliver it to your readers weekly.

This shows you can be consistent & your subscribers will be looking out for it. 

The key is to do it every week/month or whatever & on the same day of the week.

Your subscribers will then be waiting in eager anticipation for it & will be expecting it.

Trust me, there is nothing like knowing you have to deliver something to make you do it... this will keep you motivated on delivering your content.

3) Encourage Your Subscribers To "Share"...

A great way to get more subscribers on to your list is to encourage them to share your newsletter or freebie with their friends.

After all, if they think it's great, their friends probably will too...

With the amount of social media platforms around today, there are endless opportunities to get your content to go viral.

As long as you're offering great value, then people will want to share it.

This tactic alone could add so many more subscribers to your mailing list!

4) Sell your List...

When I say sell, I don't mean actually sell it.

What I mean is, don't just stick a widget on the side of your blog with an opt-in form, or a feature box at the top, in the hope that people will just sign up!

You want to mention that people can sign up for your list in as many places as possible.

Tell them about it in your posts, mention it in your Facebook groups, fan pages and posts.

Anywhere you can mention you have a list for people to subscribe to, do it...

5) Do a Webinar...

Webinars are super hot right now & will be for the foreseeable future.

It's a great way to get people to sign up!

Teach something really awesome and of super value on a webinar & you'll have people queuing to join!

There's nothing quite like getting on a live webinar to give people a ton of valuable information.

It's a win, win situation as you're getting a new subscriber & they're getting valuable content.

6) Offer "Benefits" for subscribers only...

Depending on what niche & market you're into - you can offer things like discounts for subscribers only, awesome tips & tricks that they can only get on email or chances to enter into a contest etc... the possibilities are endless!

People love to feel special & offering special items in exchange for an email address will usually have them entering their details quicker than you can say "mailing list"...

7) Simple Opt-In forms

This may sound like a simple task, but believe me, i've seen some crazy opt in forms, which literally make you jump through hoops to sign up! I can't be doing with that & 9 times out of 10, I leave without opting in at all...

There are a lot of cool softwares out there today which can create super simple & easy opt in forms.

Leadpages is one that I use & they have beautiful opt in forms, along with Thrive Leads, who also have real simple, drag & drop editors in which to create gorgeous opt ins.

The best way to have an optin is to have a button where someone can click to download something & then it opens up a lightbox, where the potential prospect can enter their name & email address.

It's quick, easy and no hassle.

You can see below what I mean.

This is from one of my favourite Internet Marketers and friend Jo Barnes' blog

In the image above, you can see that Jo uses a simple image with a download button. Once a prospect clicks on that "click here to download" button, a lightbox appears as in the image below:

As you can see in the above image, once the prospect has clicked on the download button, they then get this lightbox appear, where they can enter their name & email address, or in some cases, just their email address & then they can simply just click on the "Access free visual guide here" or whatever the opt in is.

It really is that simple to to put an easy opt in form together.

So there you have it...

7 simple ways to grow your email list.

There are hundreds more ways of course, but these I feel are 7 of the best ways to build your list quickly, more effectively & with the right kind of subscribers.

I hope you enjoyed today's post.

Have a great day

Leah 🙂 ​

I always say to people I have the two best jobs in the world. Being a stay at home mum to my two young boys alongside working as an Internet Marketer. I have a huge passion for all things related to list building, audience building & email marketing, so you'll find a lot of content on my blog around these topics!

Leah xx

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