Day 10 Freedom Blog Challenge – My Experience & Biggest Takeaway

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I made it to the end of the 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge, that was put together by the lovely Natalie Sisson​ & I have to say - it feels pretty darn good!

I feel like this guy who reached the top of the mountain​...

I've really held myself accountable on this challenge & pushed myself to write a post every day - even on a couple of days when I felt like I didn't want to.

But I pushed past the initial "I don't want to" moment & as soon as I started, I loved it.

It's really taught me that sometimes, I have to push myself past those barriers & "blank wall moments"​ to get to the end result. 

I've shown myself that I can create content daily...

And one of my goals for moving my business forward, is to try & create some form of valuable content daily...

That doesn't necessarily mean I'll be posting every day, but I at least want to write or create a video or audio etc every day. ​

Day 10 Freedom Blog Challenge - What's Most Rewarding & Moving Forward...

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Build up a bank of content that I can release to help people as much as possible!​

The thing with a Content Marketing business strategy is - you gotta have a lot of content up your sleeve...​

This challenge has given me the momentum to keep creating & writing & there's no stopping me now!

So Natalie's challenge for me today was to tell you which post was my fave to do & why!

And also, to tell you what my "key" takeaway has been & the next step for me & my business!

​Which Post Was My Fave To Do!

So after thinking about this for a while, my fave blog post to write was Day #2 Defining My Why!

​I think a lot of what has kept me focused & moving forward, is knowing "why" I'm doing it in the first place. 

Knowing that two gorgeous little boys & a wonderful husband are at the top of my thoughts when I do anything, makes everything I do worthwhile, because I'm doing it for them...​

I know that all the goals I set & all the visions I have, ​include an outcome which can change & transform their lives & their freedom. 

Of course I do it for me also, but I'm not the core focal point at all in the decisions I make. 

I'm building an online business, because I know how much it can change the lives for the people I love dearly...

... And - I can do it AROUND my family, which is what has ALWAYS been the main attraction for me, because it means I can always put my children first. 

I also know that I can help as many people as I can with a business online.

The amount of people you can reach is just phenomenal.

Keeping my audiences & subscribers interests at heart.

Listening to them & giving them what they want is also my "why".

Why do I do this - to give people as much value as possible to help change THEIR lives & give them more freedom!​

So now onto my key takeaway from the whole thang...​

What My "key" Takeaway Has Been & The Next Step For Me & My Business!

There have been a number of takeaways for me along this 10 day journey. 

I've realised I can do more than I thought possible, with the time I have.

I know now that if I plan properly, I can create content consistently & schedule it properly (using this tool), so I always have a constant flow of content going out to my readers!​

I've found that I've gotten more inspiration by writing every day, because my mind is constantly "in it" so to speak.

Things flow more​, they come more naturally & I know I won't run out of topics & interesting things to say. 

They're just a few of the takeaways from this challenge, but Natalie wanted the big one lol!

So my biggest takeaway has been:

 "to fall in love"...​

I've fallen in love with writing again.

This is what it is for me - to be able to write freely & openly about the things I care about!​

I've found my passion & I want to share what I write with the world. 

I lost it for a while, a few weeks ago & I honestly thought at one point, I wouldn't get that love back. 

It scared me, because when I was going through my "slump" as I like to call it, I had no desire to do anything when it came to my business.

That's a scary place to be - to have no motivation or energy to do anything!

But after a few weeks, it subsided & I started to feel like I wanted to get back into it again...

And this is right at the time when this blog challenge came along.

I almost feel like it was a sign, having this challenge pop up in my Facebook news-feed!

Signing up to do it was the best decision ever & although I thought at the time - I wonder whether I'll stick it out...

The fact I WANTED to do it in the first place was a massive thing for me.

I finally had a craving & eagerness to do something again...

It was the best thing ever & I just feel grateful it came my way at the time it did. 

I never "big" myself up at all, but...

On this occasion I will!​

I'm super proud of myself for completing the challenge.

So I want to leave you with this final note...

If you find yourself at a "lul" in your business or life, where you have no want or thirst to do anything, set yourself a challenge!

 A challenge of any kind will light your fire again & MAKE you get up & do something.

You'll want to strive to complete it, because if you don't...​

The disappointment in yourself for not doing it, is just too much to bare lol!

So as the Looney Tunes would say...​

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along on my journey & I hope you enjoyed reading!

Take care & have a fantastic day

Speak soon

Leah 🙂 

This blog post was in response to Natalie's 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

I always say to people I have the two best jobs in the world. Being a stay at home mum to my two young boys alongside working as an Internet Marketer. I have a huge passion for all things related to list building, audience building & email marketing, so you'll find a lot of content on my blog around these topics!

Leah xx 

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