Day 6 Freedom Blog Challenge – Who Inspires Me

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When I read today's challenge, I thought this is the best one so far!

Since I started "dabbling" online in 2009, I've come across many people...

Some have been truly amazing & taught me a lot of things!

Some have inspired me in an incredible way!

And some, have done the opposite & made me think - there's no way on earth I want to be like them...​

Yep, unfortunately you are gonna come across people like that on this "online" journey!

I swear that some people think that because they're running a business online - they don't need to be ethical or respectful... (because this whole "virtual" thing makes people cowardly & feel like they can do & say what they like - no matter who's feelings they hurt). 

... that they don't need to treat people right & as actual human beings!

I've only really started to build my brand up over the last year (ish) & some people have been darn right nasty sometimes.

Day 6 in the Freedom Blog Challenge - Who inspires you? Why? And What One Question Would You Ask Them...

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I've grinned & bared it, but ​it damn well hurts inside that's for sure!

I said at the beginning of this post that this is the best challenge so far, yet I'm talking so negative up to this point!

Well negative stint over...

​The reason I love today's challenge, is because I get to talk about one or two people who have inspired me, either with their courses, programs & mentorship, or just because I think they're pretty darn incredible.

It's hard to pick just a couple when I've been seen a lot in my path, but I've had to & they're kinda special... ​

My Inspirational Person #1

My #1 truly inspirational person​, who comes in first place, is someone who I'm lucky enough to have met several times. 

He's a person who got me real serious about Internet Marketing & introduced me to the whole concept of how it works!

He's also one of THE nicest people ever!

So, so, so kind & caring & a real gent.

He is the one & only Chris Farrell, who has an awesome membership site, which is the first ever program I signed up for & invested in, to get me started online...

I absolutely adore Chris & even now, years down the line, we still stay in touch. 

As he has become more successful over the years, he has never changed & still remains grounded & humble.

He has helped thousands of people to start & build their own successful  online businesses & is always a person who helps people in any way he can. ​

I absolutely love that because often, money & success changes people - but not him. 

I was also very lucky in that I got to interview him about growing his online business & got to indulge in some of his list building tactics within my own product List Building Legends. 

And he is a legend to me, that's for sure. 

The second part of this challenge is to say what "one question" we would ask them in real life. 

As I've had the pleasure of asking Chris several questions over the years, I think if I were to speak to him right now, I would ask:

"What has been your most memorable experience within your online business career to date"

​I know the answer to this question would be amazing. 

Inspirational in it's own right...​

My Inspirational Person #2

My #2 inspirational person is someone who I love, love, love.

She's a massive girl crush for me,  in the sense that I love everything she stands for​ & everything she provides for her community - which is a lot!

I've been a part of her "tribe" for sooooooo long & there's just something about her that resonates with me & I just cannot wait to get the latest email hitting my inbox from her, or the latest posts on Facebook.

Marie Forleo

She's the one & only Marie Forleo & her mantra has always been:

"The World Needs That Special Gift That Only You ​Have"

Isn't that just an amazing saying!

It makes you think about that special gift you have to share, that's unique to you. 

Even though I've not gone through her program yet - B-School, which only rolls out once a year, the content she provides weekly, such as her MarieTV episodes (check this one out as it's one of my faves!) are just super inspiring & sometimes leave me in awe!

That's how great she is at connecting with people & getting on their level. ​

I've not met Marie, but my gosh I would love to someday, but she's one of those people I'd get all nervous about meeting & forget what I'd want to say to her lol...​

If I were to ask her one question, it would be:

"What one thing would you like to pursue in your career, which you've never gotten around to doing, but just have to try"​

The reason I'd ask this question is because Marie has done many things on her journey. 

She's a motivational speaker, a web TV host, writer, philanthropist & life coach (wowzers!)​

So to know what else she'd like to try would be totally awesome...​

So there are my two favourite & most inspirational people​ that have shaped my thinking online & in life & helped me to pursue my dream of having a business online. 

Pretty fantastic people & you should check them out if you've not heard of them or come across them before - you won't regret it!​

There are ​of course many other people who I've crossed paths with me who have inspired me in one way or another & maybe one day I'll do a post where I mention all of them.

Now that would be awesome!​

That's it folks

Hope you enjoyed reading

See you in the next one...

Leah 🙂 ​

This blog post is in response to Natalie's 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6

I always say to people I have the two best jobs in the world. Being a stay at home mum to my two young boys alongside working as an Internet Marketer. I have a huge passion for all things related to list building, audience building & email marketing, so you'll find a lot of content on my blog around these topics!

Leah xx

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