Day 9 Freedom Blog Challenge – Balancing A Working Holiday

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So when I saw the email for today's challenge, I thought - this is going to be a challenge lol...

This post is to be written with me sharing how I would balance a working holiday, if I were living a complete freedom lifestyle ​& could go anywhere at anytime.  

Putting myself in an "imaginary" situation, where I'm away in a truly magical place, somewhere in the world!

I've not thought exactly where I want the scene to be set yet though. 

Then I have to have an incredible time, alongside working. 

My Working Holiday...​

If I'm really honest with myself, I think I'd really struggle with a work & holiday in the mix vacation!

If I go on holiday, I want to go all out & JUST be on holiday!

I want to be swimming in stunning seas...​

I want to be dining in beautiful restaurants...​

I want to be spending ALL my time with my family ,sightseeing, going on adventures & making lifetime memories . ​

I'm kinda an all or nothing gal & I know I'd go with the intention of doing some work, but in the end I know I wouldn't. ​

I'd be having far too much fun...

But having said this (I said this challenge would be a challenge didn't I)...

I have to write about how i WOULD balance this work & vacation thingy...

Day 9 Freedom Blog Challenge - Could you balance a working vacation?

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So here goes!​

I just wanted to mention first though that I LOVE what I do!

Having an online business is the best thing ever, because of the freedom it gives me & because I can do it around my children.

I don't have to leave them to go to an office.

I don't have to miss out on their childhood milestones.

I've been there for both my kids first steps, their first falls where I could comfort them & their first words (neither of which were "mummy" - great!)

​Now that's out the way - I'm ready to share how I'd balance this out!

My magical place I'm picking for this task is the gorgeous & magnificent Thailand. 

This place holds a place dear in my heart as it's where my husband & I went on our honeymoon. 

Krabi was the exact location, in a beautiful resort that was tucked away & you could only get to it by boat (that's the view from our hotel balcony). 

It really was breathtaking...

Plant life so luscious & green​ & the sea so blue & clear!

So now we know where this working holiday is going to be, it's time to talk about what I'd do while there. 

I wish I was there again right now!

I guess it would be pretty simple really!

Say I was going away for a 2 week vacation...

I would work for 1 day & have 13 days pure vacation...

Only joking haha!

I know I've gotta work a bit harder than that.

So for me, I think I would probably do best​ by working a little each day, rather than having a few full days working.

I'd FLMO... (that's feel like I'm missing out).

I recently got that from - wait for it - don't hate me - Keeping Up With The Kardashians...​

I know that if I got up early (when everyone is sleeping anyway) & did a couple of hours work each morning, then I'd be ​quite happy & guilt free, to continue the rest of my day doing what I want. 

Maybe I could check a few emails in the early evening, while everyone is showering & getting ready for dinner - but that really would be it!

That is ALL I would want to do while VacAying' with my family...​

Notice how I've planned my "work" time around people when they're doing things that I don't play a part in, like sleeping & showering!​

I think that's a pretty well thought out plan. ​

Here's one final pic to show you just how totally tranquil & awesome this place was...

Most of my posts in this challenge have been pretty long, so this one is going to end now...

​Have an awesome day!

Let me know how you'd plan your working vacation!​

Speak tomorrow in the final day of the 10 day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge - woohoo!​

This blog post is in response to Natalie's 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9.

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