How To “Piss Off” Your Email Subscribers

Leah Mustoe Email Marketing, List Building

Sounds harsh I know, saying you could actually be pissing your subscribers off, but it happens sooooooooo much...

What happens when you sign up for someone's list, because I can guarantee you're on a few?

It goes something like this:

You sign up for someone's list - awesome!

You're all excited to see what's in store... fantastico!

The welcome email comes in, is great - sets you up with a great FREEBIE & the promise of top notch content.

You wait for the emails to come in, full of tricks, wonders & wisdom (as promised) - you wait, wait & wait...

... they never come. (what the beep...)

DISAPPOINTED DAN - that's what you are!

Now it's not just the content I'm talking about.

Want to know what pisses email subscribers off - check it out in this post

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There are a whole load more things you could be doing that are really annoying the heck out of your subscribers.

Unfortunately, there's always some marketers out there that just don't deliver what they say they will.

And these marketers just damn right piss me off!

Of course, all you have to do is hit that unsubscribe button - & that is exactly what I do myself...

But if you want to be a marketer that doesn't piss your subscribers off, check out the video I just put up below:

I hope that video gave you the lowdown of what "not to do" when it comes to your subscribers & customer's. 

Have an awesome day

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