I'm Always A Mummy First & An Entrepreneur Second

I’m ALWAYS A Mummy FIRST & An Entrepreneur Second

Leah Mustoe Mindset

I'm ALWAYS a Mummy first & an Entrepreneur Second!

​I've deliberately made this real big, because I want it to stand out. 

This will never change!

I will NEVER put my work before my children - it's that simple. ​

While my children are little & still need me around the clock, everything else will always take a backseat!

Sometimes, this is damn right annoying, especially because I have an overactive brain, brimming with ideas & things I need to get done. 

But most of the time, it's an amazing feeling knowing I get to spend quality time with the little loves of my life!

I know that I can't grow my business at the same rate as other entrepreneurs...

I accept that!

I know that I can't work around the clock, drinking endless cups of coffee, because I'd be exhausted & no good to my children...

I accept that too!

BUT, I also know that even though I only have one or two hours to dedicate to growing my business daily...

... it makes me plan better & I only set myself two or three reasonable tasks to complete. 

I then don't feel overwhelmed, pressured, bad or guilty, because I haven't completed a 10 point "to do" list!

This is me...

This is how I do things...

This is how I make it work for me & my family...

I get to work online & really enjoy what I'm doing & I get to spend time with my children!

It took me a long time to get to this point.

It didn't happen overnight.

I worked stupid, stupid hours to start with (just over a year ago).

And I know pretty much everyone does this to start with in this game.

And many do this continuously thereafter for months, even years. ​

But it completely broke me!

It wasn't healthy, it wasn't fun & it made me feel like complete shit if I'm totally honest!

I was a crap mum, trying to keep it together in the day, because I'd been up til 3, 4 & even 5 am some nights GETTING THINGS DONE!​

I'm never going back to that again that's for sure!​

If you're someone who does this, think about it for a while...

Think about what it's doing to ​you, your body & your family. 

There's a video explaining this below...

Have a fab week

Lots of Love 

Leah xx

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