Google Wants You To Be More “Mobile Friendly” With Your Opt-In Forms

Leah Mustoe Challenges

So there's a lot of talk at the moment about the new "mobile friendly opt-in" rulings being put into place by Google, from early 2017. 

There's a lot of speculation & a lot of different things being said all over the net...

So there's no wonder everyone is getting confused & doesn't really have a clue what's going on.

And when you have an online business that uses opt-in forms all the time to generate leads, you're left wondering - how the heck's this going to affect me?​

From what I've read & seen, it's all about giving a mobile user the best experience as possible

We need to be placing opt-in forms on our sites, which are not using up a lot of space & are non intrusive. 

Because mobile screens are a lot smaller than a desktop screen, your pages will no longer be classed as "mobile friendly" if they have overlays , such as pop-up's & lightboxes all over them...

Therefore, your pages won't be "signed off" so to speak by Google!

I've put together a quick video for you below, where I share with you how you can get around this problem & make your opt-in forms less intrusive & more "Google Mobile Friendly".

Watch the video below...

There's one type of opt-in form you can use that is less intrusive compared to the other's & an email hit my inbox about this recently from Shane at Thrive Themes!

You can read more about this here, in the Google Announcement that was made. 

​You have time to change things & put new things into place, so go ahead & do this ready, so that you don't lose out!

I hope this helps​!

Have a fab day

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