So when you build an Online Business, you need to have some tools & resources.

Just because your business is online, doesn’t mean there are no start up costs & equipment required.

You need to treat your online business as a REAL business – not a hobby!

You have to invest some money to make some money…

I’ve put together a list of the tools I use within my business, which I know work & I love them, but I’ve also suggested some other alternatives, which have been recommended to me so I know they’re great too & also some other bits & pieces you may want to check out!

When starting out, it can be incredibly overwhelming knowing what to use as there are literally hundreds of tools to choose from.

For me, when I started out, I didn’t have a clue what to use & would have loved to have had a cool resource & tool guide to refer to.

So here it is, the Cool Resource & Tool Guide. I’ve separated them into sections such as Autoresponders, Webinars etc to make it easier for you to go through:


So when you start out, it’s a great idea to have your very own website. A blog like me or a site you can call “Home”, that you can use as your main platform to house all your content & information.

It’s a great way to build a community where people can visit & get to know you & what you’re about… People will come back time & time again as well!

So, if you decide to have your own website, you will need some Hosting.

I recommend SiteGround  as this is who I use & host all my websites with. I’ve had no issues with them & they are really reasonably priced.

They also have an incredible support team & will help you super fast!


Another hosting company I have heard great things about is BlueHost.

Bluehost scfreenshot

Domain Names

Once you have your Hosting sorted, you will then need to purchase a domain name, which is a unique website address, just like my Mad4OnlineMarketing web address.

I have always used GoDaddy  to buy all my domain names and they are cheap. To be honest, purchasing a domain name can be as cheap as $7-10 per year & most of the time, even less than this.

goDaddy screenshot

Website Platforms

Once you have Hosting & a Domain name, you now need to actually create your website.

The quickest, easiest & best way to do this is through the WordPress platform.  is what you ideally want to be using as you have  more flexibility to do what you want with your site.

You will be able to customize themes & add plugins & it will be hosted by the hosting company you have chosen & you can set it up on your own server.

This is not to be confused with  as with, you do not own the internet space that the site is on. I would not recommend you choose a site, even though it is the cheaper way to start out, simply for the fact you do not have as much control and flixibility for when you grow.

WordPress Themes

Once you have Hosting, a Domain name and now have set up your website, you can start to make it your own, with the style and feel you would like.

This is done with what’s called themes. There are many places you can purchase themes and I’ve bought loads in my time as I love a beautiful theme to look at.

These are the sites I have purchased from so you can go check them out & choose something that you like:

Elegant Themes
Theme Forest

The theme I am currently using for my Blog is from Theme Forest and is the X Theme


After getting a gorgeous theme, you then need one final tool in order to start & this is an Autoresponder.

It is super important to start building an email list of potential customers as soon as you can.

It’s really simple & easy. You just sign up for an Autoresponder service, create a web form, add it to your site & BAM, you are able to start collecting prospects names & email addresses.

I currently use Aweber as they are so easy to use, have great support & I really recommend them when you’re first starting out.

Get Building That List…

So once you have all the essentials set up (Hosting, Domain Name, WordPress site & Autoresponder) it’s time to start thinking about the most important element to your business.
The CORE of your business – LIST BUILDING!!!

It is so important to start collecting names & email addresses from the off!

The best way to do this is to offer a FREEBIE Gift/Lead Magnet/Ethical Bribe (these are all the different terms used for it) in exchange for the name & email address of your prospect.

It needs to be something of value & congruent with what you are talking about/specializing in/ within your niche & market.

Freebies can be in any format such as PDF guides, reports, videos, audios, software, anything you can think of…

The idea is to make it as enticing and compelling as possible to get people to sign up!

So, what tools do you need to do this:

PDF’s/Reports – Word or whichever word-processing tool you use, depending on Mac or Windows

AudioAudacity which is a FREE software for recording & editing sounds.

I also use Smart Podcast Player & it is awesome. I use this in my products as well if I am giving audio as part of the training as it looks so professional.

smart podcast player


Video – If you choose video, you can use any of the following to record your screen:

Camtasia (PC or MAC)

Screenflow (MAC only)


You will also need to host your videos somewhere. You can use either of the following: – If you want to do it for FREE, YouTube is the place to go.

Amazon S3 though is really good when you have larger video files that need protecting and costs very little to do so.

If you do use Amazon S3, your videos will need a player software in order to embed the codes.
I use:

Easy Video Suite – It’s super simple & easy to use


Most of the time I use:

Pixabay  as it’s FREE, but sometimes I use the following, although they do cost a bit & it depends on how many graphics you are likely to use:

pixabay screenshot

iStock This has such a huge choice and so many unique images to choose from, but is very pricey, so it depends again on how many images you are likely to use.

Creative Market (this has beautiful & unique graphics)

Affiliate Platforms (jvzoo, clickbank, deal guardian w+)

Affiliate Marketing should be part of any online business.

You should have an affiliate program set up for your own products & programs, so people can promote it on your behalf, but you can also recommend fantastic products to your customers.

I have used the following sites. You can use one or all of them, it’s entirely up to you and what your niche or market is (JVZOO & Warrior+ are Internet Marketing space only)


jvzoo screenshot

Warrior +



You should check them all out & see which ones you like & get the feel of.

Membership Sites

I use this plugin for most of my membership sites. Instamember is really simple & easy to master & use.

instamember screenshot

Optimize Press 2 Member theme is also another membership software I use as well!

There are other members plugins available as below:


S2 Member (this is a FREE plugin)

Sales Pages/Opt-In Forms & Squeeze Page Software

I always use the following 5 software’s to create my squeeze pages, opt-in forms and sales pages & they are all great & have great features.

Thrive Leads is THE go to tool within my toolbox which I could not live without. It’s the simplest & easiest plugin I’ve ever used to create stunning & high converting opt-in forms.

Without leads being generated into your business daily & consistently, you cannot grow, so I highly recommend you check this one out!

PushCrew is another plugin I use where people can sign up to get Notifications every time  you post new content to your site. It’s a great way to bring people back over & over again.

You can use it to build an audience of people, other than your mailing list & it’s an additional resource to make more money with.

Optimize Press 2 can be used as a Theme & a Plugin, so it’s very versatile & flexible for your blog or website.

LeadPages is what I use to create some of my pages. It’s such a simple drag & drop editor & I can build pages in minutes with it.

leadpages screenshot

WP Profit Builder (this is an awesome plugin that I use a lot & have used to build pages within my products)


There are 3 main webinar platform players as follows:

Easy Webinar – I have used this & it’s really easy and simple to set up & use

Easy webinar screenshot

WebinarJam – I’ve not used this one but have heard fantastic things about it

GoToWebinar – this is extremely expensive, but THE best webinar platform out there. Ideally, this is a software to invest in once you are making a bit of money & are doing webinars regularly within your business!

As well as the actual webinar software, there are also some other tools you will need:

Headphones – Plantronics Audio 355 Multimedia Headset

Webcam – This simple & cheap Logitech C270 720p 3-MP Widescreen HD Webcam will be ideal to use if you don’t have one built into your computer or laptop


I use the two following analytics softwares on my Blog & websites. Both are FREE & easy to set up:

Google Analytics


My Other Go-To Tools:

Thrive Content Builder is a HUGE tool I use daily.

This tool is great for creating awesome looking blog posts in such an easy way. I couldn’t live without this fab plugin.

Powerpoint or Keynote if you’re using a MAC – It is great for creating video tutorials and presentations!

Screen Capture – I use Snagit for all my screen captures

TinyPNG – It’s FREE to use and reduces the sizes of PNG image files, making them have fewer bytes. I use this on pretty much all my images.

Canva – Another great FREE tool for creating beautiful graphics for Blog posts, ads, infographics – basically any graphics you want, you can create with Canva!

MindMeister – I always Mindmap all my ideas out when I plan a product or topic. This is FREE to use, upto 3 mindmaps & then it goes onto a paid subscription. You can keep using it for FREE though and start new ones over & over, as they are downloadable!

So there you have it, an extensive list of all the tools & resources I use within my own business & some other recommended tools for you as well.

If there is anything in particular you would like to know about or a tool or resource I have not mentioned, please let me know!

Have a great day

Leah 🙂