How To Start Building Your Email List From Scratch

Leah Mustoe List Building

I’m all about ease of use, simplicity & getting things done!

Preferably fast if I can...

I’m a busy mum, have two kids under 5 to look after & I have to squeeze my business in there somewhere (literally slot it in where I can).

This is usually between the hours of 8-11pm when I’m shattered as I’ve been up since 6am.

I find myself having to grab a giant coffee to give me a much needed matchstick eye opening boost.

Once I get going though, there's no stopping me...​ sometimes, I'm still working at gone midnight, because I'm super involved & excited about what I'm working on. 

Anyone who’s a parent can relate & knows what it’s like to not have a lot of spare time for yourself (if any sometimes) for the things you want or need to do!

My business is extremely important to me ​& is also a huge passion of mine.

I need to work in it daily or I feel a bit empty.

I need it to be important, because this is what keeps me motivated & moving forward when I want to slump on the sofa in front of the TV, watching “The West Wing” reruns, eating cheese on toast (yum)!

Some days I have an hour, maybe two hours max to spend on growing my business (and more importantly growing my email list - the core of any online business, or at least it should be).

One or or two hours isn’t a lot at all, I admit, especially as I know entrepreneurs who spend many hours, if not all day working on their businesses…

There are days when I envy these people (when I have something I really want to focus on & need to get done).

Then there are other days when I absolutely don’t envy them at all!

After all, I have two beautiful children who are growing up fast & I don’t want to miss out because I’m glued to my laptop.

The photo to the right is one I love where they're having so much fun playing with these crazy looking ball-head thingies...

I have major FOMO when it comes to my children.

I don’t want to miss anything & that can make it hard to fit it all in a lot of the time.

Saying all that though, I’m content with the two hours a day I do have & I accept that at this point in my life, I can’t give anymore of myself to my biz.

​I can’t change the amount of time I have to dedicate. (I still have to eat, get as much sleep as possible to give me the energy to run around after my 2 year old & spend time with my hunk of a husband lol) & that’s ok!

But with the time I do have, I use it wisely...

I spend some of it, even if it’s just 10 or 20 minutes, devoted to doing something which will generate leads into my business.

It could be setting up an ad on Facebook (which doesn’t take long once you know how), creating a new squeeze page & lead magnet, to entice new readers in, or planning out a blog post I’m going to write, which will get some sign ups via the content I share!

Either way, my aim is always to add a few more subscribers to my beloved email list!

I’ve always loved learning about list building, because I know it’s a must to be building one.

It’s where you can build relationships with people, give them a ton of value, let them in on awesome opportunities & so much more…

You can be real with them, share yourself & be transparent.

They’re your tribe, your raving fans & the people who can go on to become “virtual” or even real friends over time.

List Building as a topic just excites me...

I’m not afraid to admit I’m a list building article junkie… Any articles I come across on people’s blogs & on social media spark something in me & I just have to read them.

I’m always looking out for new ways to spice things up a bit in the list building department!

I love to play around with things that can make my life easier, save me time & help with my mailing list endeavours.

​Usually this comes in the form of softwares & plugins (I love a good plugin).

These incredible little downloadable plugins which you can just upload & install into your WordPress site & they do huge chunks of the work for you.

Adjust a few settings and away you go!

Anyway, I want to share with you how you can start building your own email list from scratch!

This tutorial will show you how to start right at the beginning & the steps you need to take to get going!

Having your own email list is the best thing you can do for your business. 

It's powerful...

It's something you can build & call your own.

Yes - you can build audiences & followings on social media platforms (& I highly recommend you do this too) but what if they get shut down...

You've lost that audience & you've lost that following.

With an email list, you own that & can take it with you.

Even if you decide to change autoresponder services, you'll be able to import your subscriber list to the new one. 

That's the beauty of a list. ​

There’s a few things you need to do, but hey, anything worth doing needs a bit of effort putting into it.

And putting in the effort to start building an email list is a no brainer!

I’m about to show you how you can get yourself set up & raring to go, so you can grow that gorgeous list!

There's 8 steps I cover: ​

  • Step 1 - An Autoresponder - Get Yourself One
  • Step 2 - Create A Lead Magnet
  • Step 3 - Create An Opt-In Form 
  • Step 4 - The Different Types of Opt-In Forms
  • Step 5 - How Do You Add The Forms To Your Site
  • Step 6 - What Do You Want People To Do Once They've Signed Up
  • Step 7 - Email Your List Once A Week 
  • Step 8 - Ask Your Readers To Share Your Stuff

​There will be some labour...

But it will be a labour of love…

So let’s get into it:


Step 1: An Autoresponder - Get Yourself One!

So first things first...

In order to start building your email list, you need to have an autoresponder.​

An autoresponder is the piece of software that is used to collect email addresses automatically for you​.

It can collect other things for you such as first name, last name, phone numbers, addresses etc...

But as I am all about simple, just asking for an email address or a name & email address will do for most businesses. 

More importantly, the least information you ask for, the more likely people are to sign up.

People just don't have a lot of time in their busy worlds to spend ages filling out a ton of info!

Keep it simples...

I've only tried out a couple of autoresponders in my time (Get Response & Aweber).

Aweber is the one I recommend as that is who I use & am very happy with. 

The system is easy to use & navigate around, they have good support & I've not come across any problems so far!

Below is a screenshot of Aweber's home page, when you first log in. 

I have blanked out stats & personal info. 

You can see how simple it is & all the tabs are super easy to find & set up...

You can just click on each tab that is shown below & it brings up drop menus for each one. 

They also have loads of little tutorial videos scattered around, so when you need to do something & you're not sure how - there's that little video ready to help you.

I love this!

It really makes it easy & all the videos are only a couple of minutes long - perfect.​

Finally, they have a FREE 30 day trial so  you can check them out & see if they're a good fit.

And if they're not, you can see what you think of Get Response.

They're also another great provider, who also offer a free trial for you. 

​Little Tip: Don't take too long picking an autoresponder. 

They all pretty much do the same thing & you don't need anything at this stage that's all singing & all dancing...

The bells & whistles can wait for another day. ​

So you've chosen an autoresponder. 

Now it's onto the next step...​


Step 2: Create A Lead Magnet

This is where a bit of creativity comes in to the mix.

You need to create a lead magnet to giveaway for FREE in exchange for your prospects email address. ​

This is basically an opt-in bribe, which needs to be something of high value​.

It has to be super duper enticing & needs to scream out "I gotta have that" to your readers. 

When thinking up an idea, think about what your ideal audience want to know & what the best format is to deliver your lead magnet in.

Some people prefer to read information (eBooks, reports, checklists) whereas others prefer to listen (podcast, audio)​ or watch videos. 

Think about which format would be best to give to your potential subscribers​ & which format they would benefit the most from. 

There's a ton of different things you can whip up.

Here are just a few examples below: ​

Enter your text here...

    • Reports - a report always goes down well, as long as it isn't pages & pages long. There's often a misconception that offering a 200 page report for FREE will be awesome to your potential subscriber... That isn't the case. Too much information is overwhelming, so keep it light & to the point.
    • Infographics - They say people learn & take things in better when they're looking at something visual, so an Infographic is an ideal way to put something valuable together, that looks really cool & pretty at the same time. 
    • Checklists - people LOVE a checklist. It's quick & easy to consume & will give your prospect something to take action on. This is the one I would go with to start off. ​
    • Mini Video Course - People love to watch videos, so you could create a short 2-3 video series, teaching something specific & deliver it over a 3 day period (via email). 
    • eBook - eBooks are great for giving away "How To" information. It doesn't need to be really long either. Just a few pages that get to the point will suffice. Don't waffle on about rubbish - you'll devalue the book. 
    • Coupons - Everyone loves a discount & by using a coupon, you can offer free shipping, a free trial or 20% off! Whatever suits you & your business...
    • Quiz - I don't know about you, but I can't resist doing a quiz. All those ones that pop up on social media are a nightmare to keep away from. You could do a quiz & then ask your readers for their email address to get the answers. 
    how to start building your email list from scratch

    There's so many other things you can giveaway. There's too many to list here but you get the idea. 

    Always remember that whatever you create, you need to deliver value & be specific.


    Step 3: Create An Opt-In Form

    So we're up to step 3...

    You should now have:

    • Your autoresponder ready to go
    • Your awesome lead magnet created 

    Now it's time to create an opt-in form.

    For me, when I visit a website, I love seeing the opt-in forms which are available on that site.

    I like to see the designs, the copy, the colours, to see how other people seduce their readers to sign up. 

    I also see which ones tempt me & then look at similar designs in my own opt-in form creations. 

    The opt-in form is a form which will be placed on your website, so that people can actually ​"opt-in" & get your lead magnet, in exchange for their email address. 

    So I wanted to show you how I create my opt-in forms, quickly & simply...​

    The tutorial below is step-by-step, so you can follow along & create your own opt-in form in real time with me!​

    Before we start creating the actual form, your Aweber account needs to be connected to your Thrive Leads account.

    This needs to be done first, for when we get to adding the connection to the form later on. 

    You do this by clicking on the "Thrive Dashboard" menu on the left hand side of your WordPress sidebar.

    After this, click on the "Manage Connections" button within the API Connections tab​ (all as shown in the image below). 

    Now that you've done this, you can add the new connection by clicking on the "Add new connection" as seen below. 

    You then need to select an app, so you would need to select "Aweber" which will appear.

    The reason you can't see it here is because, as you can see, I already have my Aweber account set up on the left. ​

    Once "Aweber" has been chosen, you will see this screen below which will connect your Aweber account with your Thrive Leads account. 

    You need to enter your Aweber login name & password (which you would have chosen when you signed up to Aweber) & click on "Allow Access". ​

    That's it...

    Your Aweber connection is all ready to go...

    You should test the connection to make sure it's all been set up correctly & you do this by clicking on the little arrows (as in the image below). 

    Now the connection is established with Aweber, it's time to get creating your first opt-in form. 

    Go into the Thrive Leads dashboard & click on the "Thrive Leads Dashboard" button. 

    Thrive Leads is the tremendous WordPress plugin created by the guys over at Thrive Themes. ​

    You then get taken to this screen below, where you can start to create your form...​

    The first thing you need to do is add a new Lead Group. 

    You will then need to enter in a name for your new lead group. 

    I have just called mine "test" for the purpose of this post & click "Add Lead Group".  ​

    The next screen that comes up is the following: 

    You need to add a new type of opt-in form. so this is what we're going to do. ​

    Once you've clicked on the " Add new type of opt in form" button, you can then choose which form you'd like to use. 

    There are many types​ as seen below: 

    What I love about Thrive Leads, is they show you on the little images, exactly what each form will look like.

    I've used the Ribbon form, the Scroll Mat & the Widget forms on my site so far... (you may have seen them come up when you've been checking out my blog). ​

    Lets add a "Slide In" form for the purpose of this post!

    All the opt in forms work the same, so you'll be able to follow along with the information below for any form.​

    So all you need to do is go ahead & click on the form which you want to set up.

    You can add & set up all of these forms "once" per Lead Group​. 

    how to start building your email list from scratch

    And then click on the "Add" button (as seen above). 

    The next two screens to appear are ​ one where you'll need to click on "Create Form" & then when you click on that, you then need to name your form & click on create form.

    It's all pretty straight forward with Thrive isn't it & this literally takes minutes to do...​

    After you've created & named the form, you then need to decide how your form will perform...

    In the image below, you can see ​that I've put an arrow to the "test" section on the left. This is what you named your form, so make sure the correct form is selected. 

    The other areas I've arrowed, are to show you the different performance elements there are.

    You can trigger the opt in form to appear at different stages, to suit your needs. 

    Currently it's set to appear immediately on page load, but with a slide in, I recommend you either set it to appear after a certain period of time, such as 10 seconds or when a user scrolls to a percentage of the way down of the content - about 70% - both of which Thrive allow you to do. ​

    You can see the trigger options in the image below: 

You can also decide how often you want to display the form. If a reader comes to your blog every day, you probably don't want to annoy them by showing the same slide in constantly.  

You can set it to only show the form once every 5,7,10 days etc (you can see the options below). 

Finally, you can decide with the slide in where you'd like the form to show. 

My personal preference is bottom right, just because it looks nice & doesn't hinder any content your reader may be checking out at the time. ​

As with anything, testing is what will determine what works best for you & your business.

All the forms can be split tested to see what​ gets you the most conversions. 

So once all the above has been completed, you are now ready to actually create the form.

This is where you'll see how amazing Thrive Leads is , with all the different form options. 

They all look fantastic as well & looks do matter when people visit your site​.

If there's an enticing form which stands out/pops up/slides in etc, ​your readers are more likely to click on them. 

First up, click on the little blue pencil button & it will open up a new tab. 

When you hover over it, it will say "Edit Design".​

Once the new tab has opened, you'll be able to choose your template design.

There are many to choose from & once you select one, a little tick will appear on the template. ​

​After selecting the one you want to use, scroll down to the bottom of the page & click on the "Choose Template" button. 

You will then be taken to the editing area, where you can customise your form to your hearts content. 

All you have to do is click on the area you want to edit​.

The areas you can edit are listed below & shown in the image to the right:

  • Text - you can add whatever text you like, but have something that will capture people's attention & show what your Freebie's about. 
  • Image - any image can be added. I recommend you add something which relates to the lead magnet you're giving away eg: an eBook cover or report cover that you can get designed on
  • Lead Generation Options - this is where you connect your autoresponder up & we're going to look at this in more detail below. 
  • Submit Button - you can edit this to say what you want. Make sure you're a bit more inventive & don't just say "Sign Up". 

You can see in the image below how you can change the text...

LITTLE TIP: Always make sure you're saving your work as you go along.

Thrive is great though as it pops up little reminders to make sure you are saving things!​

So now we're going to connect up our Aweber account to this form...​

First you need to click on the "Email Address" box and select the "Connect with Service" tab.​

Then you will be given the option to create a new connection...

Useful Info: Every time you create a new opt-in form, you will need to carry out this process. ​

You now need to select "API" as your connection type & click on "Go to the next step"...

You need to press the "Reload"  buttons for both the Choose from your list of existing API connections & the Choose your mailing list sections. This is when you will see your Aweber autoresponder come up. ​

This will then pop up Aweber & the lists that you would have created within your Aweber account.

Choose the list that you will want people to be added to when they sign up!

If you haven't already done this, go ahead & do so within Aweber itself, before continuing...

If you want to add any tags, you can do this also.

You can check out when & how to use tags in this article here.

After you've clicked on the "save" button​, as per the image above, you should then see a screen which shows the Service Name as "Aweber". 

If you scroll down this page a bit further, you will then get to the section where you choose which elements you want to have on your form, which your prospects will need to fill in to sign up!

I always just have the "email" section displayed, as shown in the image below​.

Make sure you have the "Required Field" ticked next to the email (and name if you wish to collect names as well). ​

The final part to complete on this page is the "Action After Signup".

You need to enter in a URL of where you want to send your subscriber once they've signed up. 

Because I use a double opt-in process when getting people to join my list, I send them to a confirmation page first. 

You can see my confirmation page below...

They then have to go into their email inbox & confirm they want to sign up!

After completing this section, your form is complete & you'll be back at the original form.​

You've now successfully created your very first opt-in form. 

Let's see what it looks like when it's in action!​

You can see that it has appeared while I was on my blog (as above). 

I was scrolling down the page & it came sliding in!​

Although I can't show you the actual motion, the form slid in from the bottom right hand corner (exactly how I set it up to do)​.

So all is working fine & the form is ready to start collecting readers email addresses. ​


It's a great feeling knowing you've set up an opt-in form & you can start building your email list!​


Step 4: The Different Types of Opt-In Forms 

Now I've just shown you how to create one of the opt-in forms - just one - the Slide In!​

You can now go and create as many others as you like...

Thrive Leads offers so many different types of forms for you to create , depending on your wants & needs. 

They are all very versatile & customizeable & can be set to do pretty much whatever you want them to.

They can appear immediately or wait for a certain amount of seconds. 

They can be displayed all the time or only every 7/10/20 days...

They can slide in from the left, zoom in, 3D flip or bounce in from the top.

You name it - Thrive Leads has got it...

There's a lot, so I've given a brief description of each one below:

    In Content

    This is where you place a form within the actual content itself. It will stand out when your readers are going through your post/page etc. 

    Content Lock 

    This is where you may write about something & want to lock away some of the content. You can lock the content away so that they have to enter their email address in order to access it. This entices curiosity & makes people want to sign up!


    This form can be used in a couple of ways. Either to pop up after a certain amount of time as a normal opt-in form or, if you want, you can ask a question in your opt-in which gives the reader a choice to click on one of two options. I do this on one of my opt-in forms & it says "Want More Email Subscribers? Yes or No... they simply have to choose the option that they want at the time! This hones in on a more highly targeted audience. 

    Post Footer

    This is an opt in form placed at the very bottom of your page, in the footer area. This hits the people who like to read all your content, right to the very end & wait until this time to sign up!


    This is a banner opt-in form which goes across the top of your site & can attract visitors as soon as they enter your site.

    Screen Filler Lightbox

    This is an opt-in form which covers the whole screen and pops up and overlays the content you're reading.

    Scroll Mat

    This is a form which will cover the whole of your screen, but you get the option to scroll down & it disappears when you do so.

    Slide In

    This one you've seen me set up & you know it slides in onto your readers screen at a specific time & place.


    This is a form which sits on a sidebar in your website & remains there constantly on either certain pages or posts, or all pages or posts, depending on what you set it up to do.

    Thrivebox 2 Step Opt-In

    This is where you can have some text, an image or a button within your content & then when a reader clicks on it, they open up a lightbox pop up & this is where an email address can be entered.

    If you want to learn more about the different types of opt-in forms (with images to show you what they look like) this will help you out.

    Now you know about all the types of forms available, but how do you actually get them added on your site?​

    Most of them are added the same, with exception to a couple. 

    And I'll show you how in Step 5 below...


    Step 5 - How Do You Add The Forms To Your Site

    All the forms are added as per Step 3. 

    When you create each form, you set all the triggers and positions in the Thrive Leads dashboard & then either that's it & it's set ready to go, or you have to enter a code within your posts!

    It's that simple and below, I'll just show you how each looks: ​

    • In Content- This form is set right inside the dashboard also. No code required. 
    • Lightbox - This form is set right inside the dashboard & that's it. No code is needed within your blog posts.
    • Content Lock - The content lock for a form is set up through the Lead Shortcodes. 

    The Lead Shortcodes are simply opt-in forms which are created in exactly the same way as I showed you, but they use a code which you copy (as in the image below) & then paste into your content, such as a blog post. 

    how to start building your email list from scratch

    Once you have pasted it into a piece of content, you can then choose to lock the content. 

    I've taken a screenshot of the whole dashboard, so you can see whereabouts the lead shortcodes are.

    I've also highlighted where you can switch the "Content Locking" on & off!​

    When you go to edit the design as normal, if you choose to switch the content locking on, you will need to choose a content locking template from the option designs. 

    You can then pick a design, get it how you want it & then add the code to your content...

    You then copy the code on the right (the lock mode is showing as hidden as we switched the content locking "on" & then paste it where you want the form to go...

    To show you an example, I've just added the code into one of my already written blog posts.

    I've just slotted it in anywhere for now so you can see the full code below:

    Now the content locking feature works by putting the first part of the code at the front of the content, where you want to have the content start & then you add the last part of the code after the content that you want to hide. 

    This sounds confusing but it really isn't and I've shown an image how it works below...​

    It's blurry because for some reason, my image software didn't like scrolling down that far, but you can see where I've placed the first part of the content code - with all the content in between the two codes ​& then the code at the end of the content I want to hide. 

    The reader then has to enter their email address to access the content that is in between...​

    When you add the two parts of the code around the content, you'll see the following :

    Now your reader can enter their email address & gain access to the content. 

    The reader will only have to enter their details the once in order to access the info​. 

    The page will reload every time with the hidden content showing after a readers details have been entered​ once. 

    This works well if you write a great enticing piece that makes people HAVE to enter their details to get the rest ​of the story!

    Watch here for an in-depth tutorial on how to use the Content Locking mode on your opt-in forms. ​

    • Post Footer - Again, this form is all added generically and you don't need any code. 
    how to start building your email list from scratch
    • Ribbon - This form also needs no code & you just set up the trigger, display frequency & position details right within the dashboard. 
    • Screen Filler Lightbox - No codes, just set the trigger, display frequency & animation & away you go!
    • Scroll Mat - This one is nice & easy as all you have to set is the display frequency & then it will scroll down the page as & when it's set for. 
    • Slide In - Another "No coder". Just add your trigger, display frequency & position & that's it, your form is set up & ready to show on your site. 
    • Thrivebox 2-Step Opt-In - this is different as you need to enter the code into your post/page where you want it to appear.

    You set it up the same & then set the animation & then you can copy the code shown on the right. 

    Once you've copied the code, you can then enter it wherever you want the opt-in form to appear. 

    I have one set to instantly appear & stay on every post I produce & you can also see the code I input to each post, to get the form to show up​ (as per the above screenshots). 

    • Widget - the widget is slightly different & you do have to go & set up the widget in another area, outside of the Thrive dashboard. 

    You still set up the trigger just like all the others, for when you want it to appear. 

    Then you need to go outside of the Thrive dashboard and go onto the "Appearance" tab & select "Widgets"... (as per the screenshot below). 

    Once you've selected the widgets tab, you'll see the following screen. 

    You need to drag the "Thrive Leads Widget" tab over into the main sidebar (you can see I already have mine set up there for my widget opt in form). ​

    You can only set up one Lead Group to show within your widget area as per the image below: 

    If you have just one, there will only be the one option to select. ​

    You can see I have my ultimate list builder group & my beginners opt in forms lead group!​

    And below you can see the two lead groups I have set up within my Thrive dashboard, that correlate with the lead groups above.

    how to start building your email list from scratch

    Once you have done all the above, you can see how the form looks like on your site.

    Looks pretty cool doesn't it!​

    So that's it!

    You can now create & add your forms to your site. 

    They're all pretty similar & are so, so easy to set up. ​


    Step 6 - What Do You Want People To Do Once They've Signed Up

    It's not just about having the forms created & on your site...

    You need to know what you want people to do once they've handed over their email address. 

    And I'm not talking about whether you're getting them to confirm their email address first. 

    What I am talking about, is having a "Welcome" email...

    A welcome email is a great way to make your subscribers feel part of your community.

    It's a way to let them know who you are, what they can expect from you & how often!

    This is where you need to have relevant calls to actions...

    Maybe you want to send them to a great video you've shot, or an awesome blog post you've written, which can really help them. 

    Show them your "best stuff" from the off, so they can see what you're about. ​

    Give them something to do within your welcome email, so it gets them used to clicking your links.

    Get them bouncing around your blog & social media platforms, so they can see where you hang out & what content you put out! 

    Your welcome email should give them all the info they need, to get started on their journey with you. 

    Here's an example of one of my "Welcome" emails below: 

    I've blanked out some of the content, but you can see how I've structured the email, so you can get an idea for your own.

    I did the following process:

    • Welcomed my subscriber
    • Gave them the link to access their gift (very important as per Step 2 - Creating a Lead Magnet)
    • Shown them how to "whitelist" my email address (so I don't end up in their spam folder)
    • Advised them I put out a weekly newsletter email, so I can manage their expectations
    • Gave them a link to access an added bonus (gets them to click a link)
    • And finally, let them know about all the places they can find me on social media 

    This "Welcome" email covers all the bases & lets my new subscribers know what's coming...

    I would also advise you to have a "follow up" email sequence in place. ​

    I know that may sound daunting - having to write several emails, especially when you're first starting out, but the best thing to do is just write...

    The more emails you write, the more confident you'll get.

    I used to get super nervous when it came to sending out emails to my subscribers, but now I really enjoy it & look forward to sending them.

    If you want some tips, this little video should do the trick!​

    Below is a screenshot of one of my email series in Aweber. 

    I have a total of 10 emails in this sequence, but you don't have to have this many at all.

    You can simply just have 2 or 3 set to send a few days apart to start with & then add to them as & when.

    Just make sure they're full of value, entertaining, show your personality within them & you give them a call to action!

    Writing emails is a craft!​

    I'm still learning all the time & trying out different things to write great emails!

    It's one of those things you have to keep on doing...

    With every email you type, you get better & better (plus your confidence grows).  ​


    Step 7 - Email Your List Once A Week (At Least)

    So many people focus on the "getting people onto their list", that they don't do anything with the subscribers once they're on there.

    I've made this mistake many times - don't be like me.

    I get so angry at myself for leaving people sat on a list going stale, because all I was concentrating on was getting new readers through the door. ​

    It's a balance between gaining new subscribers & really taking care of the ones already on your list. ​

    This is why I really do recommend you to have that welcome email & follow up sequence in place, so that your new subscribers have some value & info from you from the off!

    You can email your list as many times as you like.

    It depends entirely on you & what you're gaining subscribers for. 

    Some people email daily (I'm not a fan of getting emails every day personally, but sometimes people enjoy it).

    I like to email once a week (usually on a Tuesday).

    For me that's enough, because I need to make sure I can deliver (& with a 4 & 2 year old, that can be hard sometimes). 

    I need to make sure I can send that email out once a week, giving the value & content I want to share. 

    Sometimes there will be extra emails - there always will be. 

    I like to be "off the cuff" & so if there's something I can't wait to share, I'll send another email!

    All I can say is - test, test & test some more...

    Test subject lines...

    Test days & time of days you send your emails out...

    Test with images, without images etc...​

    See what your subscribers respond to.

    How often are they opening & clicking your links.

    There's no right or wrong when it comes to emailing, except never SPAM.

    Testing's the only way you'll be able to see what your subscribers like & don't like. ​

    Little Tip: ​Don't worry about people unsubscribing. Just concentrate on the people who do stick around to hear what you have to say... They're all that matter! People will always unsubscribe, that's just the way it is!

    Step 8 - Ask Your Subscribers To Share Your Stuff

    ​One of the best things you can do, is ask your subscribers to share your content!

    If you don't ask, you don't get!​

    If you're creating great content, your readers will be more than happy to share it with their friends.

    There's nothing more personal than asking your subscribers for a favour & asking them to share that latest post/video/tweet etc you shared with them in their latest email from you. 

    As well as asking in your emails, have social share buttons within your posts (like below).

    OR you can even incorporate social sharing buttons within your actual emails. 

    The easier you make it for people to share, the more they'll do it!​

    Making your content interesting & visually exciting to look at also helps...

    Have great images & use infographics (people love infographics).​

    But really, it comes down to asking & creating remarkable content. ​

    That's it, my eight steps to building an email list from scratch!​

    Remember: by having this simple set up in place - you can be building your email list behind the scenes, while you concentrate on producing fantastic content for your readers. 

    There's nothing easier or simpler to use that I've found, for creating beautiful, optimised opt-in forms. 

    Thrive Leads really does set up forms quickly & simply. 

    This was a loooooooooooooong post...

    In actual fact, I think it's the longest one I've written so far.

    I hope you gained some value & insight & use this step-by-step guide to start building your email list...

    If you thought this was helpful, please share it with your friends...

    I want to help as many people as possible start building an email list from scratch, in the easiest & simplest way possible. ​

    Have a lovely day.

    Talk again soon. ​

    Leah xx​

    I always say to people I have the two best jobs in the world. Being a stay at home mum to my two young boys alongside working as an Internet Marketer. I have a huge passion for all things related to list building, audience building & email marketing, so you'll find a lot of content on my blog around these topics!

    Leah xx​

I love to hear your comments!