Why Your Thank You Page Is So Important

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Every page you put out there is important!

Whether it's your blog posts pages, resource page, about you page, squeeze page...

They are all relevant and have a part to play in your online business, however, there is one page that is really important & if you use it correctly & in the right way, it can be hugely effective for you.

That one page is the "Thank You" page...

I have put together a quick video below, to show you why the Thank-You page is so important...

Hope you enjoyed the video...

So what can you do to your thank you page to make it work in your favour more.

Well no matter what you're giving away or selling etc, whether it's a Free gift, a product or something else, they are going to be taken to a thank you page.

The reason the thank you page is so important is because it gets the most eyeballs when someone first signs up.

It's all new & fresh for your prospects so they are excited to check it out.

Once they get your freebie or product etc, you are always at risk of people not being interested in what comes after & what else you have to offer.

It's not you (unless you're spamming them & selling to them constantly), it's just the way it is & people are so busy & have very short attention spans for anything.

Your Thank You Page is one of the most important pages for your subscribers - check out why here!

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This is why getting in there from the off on the thank you page is key, as you 9 times out of 10 have their full attention at this stage!

It's a great way to get people to take action on something, where you can deliver more awesome content.

Below are a few examples of companies thank you pages, so you can get an idea of how people utilise them within their businesses


Kissmetrics have done a great job here of using their thank you page to offer their subscribers a selection of Infographics, giving them even more value & freebies from the start.

This starts the relationship off with them in a good way, because you are giving lots of value & setting the standards up for further delivery of great content in the future, therefore making them more likely to stay.


why your thank you page is so important

Synergis have used this thank you page to let people know about their Social Media presence, so people can connect with them on their social networks.


This is one of Leadpages many templates (I love, love Leadpages) & as you can see, when someone subscribes to a mailing list, they get offered the chance to sign up for an upcoming webinar.

This works really, really well as people are loving webinars right now, as they are an amazing way to offer a ton of value for new subscribers.

You can also sell something at the end & more people are likely to purchase, because you have built a trust with them during the webinar (as long as the webinar content is decent that is).


This one is from CrazyEgg & is letting people know that now they've joined the newsletter, they can get a FREE 30 day trial for a software they sell.

It also promotes their blog as well, so extra exposure for their content.

Giving away free trials on a thank you page is a great way to let people try something out & if they love it, they will more than likely purchase it.

It's just another way to give lots of awesome value to people, which is what it should always be about.

Value first, money after...

So there are just a few examples of how people are using their thank you pages.

Why not go & tweak your thank you page & give some extra value to your subscribers. They'll love you for it!

Some people also offer a paid product on their thank you pages. Usually a low priced offer of $5-7 which people wouldn't mind parting with.

Just because you're selling something very cheap, it doesn't mean you can scrimp on value though - no way!

If anything you want to be over-delivering as for most people, this would be the first product they are purchasing off you, so you want to be making a good impression so that they want to come back for more.

As always, if you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

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